About us

About us

3PB is a large, successful and long established set which offers a ‘one stop shop’ service to small, medium and large firms of solicitors, mainly across southern England. Like all barristers we have become increasingly specialist over the years. Unlike most other sets, however, we have not done this by narrowing our range of practice areas but by widening our pool of expert practitioners. With over 180 barristers 3PB is large enough to be able to offer genuine specialists in everything from crime to ecclesiastical law. In some areas, such as Proceeds of Crime/Asset Forfeiture we are one of the leading sets in the country.

We do not have annexes or branches. 3PB is one set of Chambers operating from five locations: London, Bournemouth, Bristol, Oxford, and Winchester. Technology allows us to function as a single unit regardless of geography. We have a wide area network linking all clerks and members of Chambers. We operate a single electronic diary. Every clerk in every centre has instant access to every barrister's availability. We make extensive use of e-mail, video conferencing, and the Internet.

We aim to provide our clients, both lay and professional, with a comprehensive, fast and skilled advocacy and advisory service. 3PB's size and geographical spread have a number of advantages to our clients, which enable us to provide:

  • A very wide range of legal expertise
  • Considerable specialisation within that wide range
  • 'Cover' – when counsel is not available we can usually provide an alternative of equivalent expertise and experience
  • Conferences at a geographically convenient centre
  • Video Conferencing in all sites. 

Our particular strengths include:

  • General common law, especially contract, personal injury, employment, landlord and tenant and professional negligence
  • Family work including ancillary relief, child care and Inheritance Act claims
  • Chancery and other land related matters, including boundary disputes, easements and drainage
  • Commercial work including company law, insolvency, guarantees and passing off
  • Construction and civil engineering disputes
  • All aspects of crime - from fraud to fisticuffs
  • Planning and local government work 

In addition we have individual specialists in many other areas, including European Community, public transport, computer law, ecclesiastical and Islamic law.

Our staff are always happy to advise you as to the most suitable individual to deal with any particular matter. They will also assist solicitors in the creation of any documented procedure for the selection and use of our members and will discuss fees and provide estimates for anticipated work. These fees will normally reflect the time taken, the complexity of the work involved, the urgency of such work and the importance of it to the client. All members of Chambers are instructed in legally aided cases and will, in appropriate circumstances, consider carrying out conditional fee and 'pro bono' work.

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