3PB Contact Details

3PB Contact Details

Office hours

Office hours are 08.30 until 18.15. In an emergency, the Chambers Directors can be contacted by telephone out of hours. Their numbers are on the staff page.


Payment queries and BACS Remittances to fees@3pb.co.uk. All other general enquiries should be sent to clerks.all@3pb.co.uk. E-mail addresses for all clerks and members of Chambers are in the form 'name.surname@3pb.co.uk'.

We welcome the use of email where appropriate. Emails can miscarry for many reasons. It cannot be assumed that emails have been delivered successfully unless the recipient has acknowledged receipt. Confidential communications should not be sent by e-mail unless encrypted. It should be assumed that anything sent by e-mail may be intercepted.


3PB locations

Bournemouth Chambers Winchester Chambers London Chambers Oxford Chambers Bristol Chambers Birmingham Chambers

To contact Chambers please call one of our Centres below:

3PB London
Tel: 020 7583 8055

3PB Birmingham
Tel: 0121 289 4333

3PB Bournemouth
Tel: 01202 292102 

3PB Bristol
Tel: 0117 928 1520 

3PB Oxford
Tel: 01865 793736 

3PB Winchester
Tel: 01962 868884


Direct Access Enquiry
If you would like to instruct a member of 3PB Barristers Chambers to act for you on a Direct Access basis please click here and complete the Direct Access Enquiry Form.

General Enquiry
If you would like to submit a General Enquiry to 3PB Barristers Chambers please click here and complete the General Enquiry Form.