3 Paper Buildings - Ranked In Chambers and Partners UK Bar Directory 2015

Chambers & Partners UK: Crime - Western Bar - Band 1 Set

3PB has continued to provide the breadth and quality of service that impresses market commentators, "getting almost impossible results time after time." The number of high-quality advocates means that they are able to prosecute and defend on matters across the board from the set's bases in Bournemouth, Bristol and Winchester.


Nigel Lickley QC
Highly regarded for his experience and expertise across the full range of serious crime. He prosecutes and defends on the most challenging and high-profile cases on the Western Circuit.
Expertise: "He is the full package - he's super-clever, relates to the jury well, and is exceptionally good face to face with clients, particularly with vulnerable clients."
Recent work: Defended in R v Dennehy, a high-profile triple murder and double attempted murder case.

Ian Lawrie QC
A criminal and regulatory specialist noted for his expertise in cases relating to the marine sector, including collision cases and pollution work.
Expertise: "He is a great jury advocate, admired for his expertise on both prosecution and defence."
Recent work: Instructed to represent Torbulk at an inquest in connection with the sinking of the vessel 'Swanland' and the loss of the majority of her crew.

Michael Parroy QC
Has a broad criminal practice covering a wide range of serious crime, including homicides, serious sexual offences and financial fraud cases.
Expertise: "He is a tireless worker with great attention to detail."


Adam Feest
Prosecutes and defends in cases ranging from fraud and theft to money laundering and drugs importation. He is widely praised for his expertise in cases concerning the ill treatment or neglect of vulnerable adults.
Expertise: "He has excellent analytical abilities and is always calm under pressure."
Recent work: Instructed in a complex four-handed cut-throat murder which involved torture of the victim, and the disposal and burning of the body.

Richard Onslow
Has a smooth style of advocacy, a tenacious approach and vast experience, which has won him a significant following of instructing solicitors. He both defends and prosecutes, and is particularly visible in serious heavyweight crime cases.
Expertise: "He directs cross-examination in a way that pulls juries with him. He is excellent in front of the jury."
Recent work: Prosecuted two serving police officers for rape and misconduct.

Robert Grey
Both prosecutes and defends a wide range of criminal cases, including those relating to serious sexual offences, drugs and fraud.
Expertise: "He is a great problem solver and a reliable professional. He creates a lot of confidence in his clients with his ability to make everything seem effortless." "He knows what is in the client's best interests and is not afraid to fight for it."
Recent work: Instructed in a multi-handed mortgage fraud.

Nicholas Rowland
A Grade 4 CPS prosecutor, he both prosecutes and defends across a wide range of criminal offences.
Expertise: "He is a very calm and client-friendly barrister."

Timothy Bradbury
Has a mixed prosecution and defence practice with particular expertise in fraud, drugs conspiracy cases and violent crime.
Expertise: "He is a great advocate, well suited to top-end, serious cases.
Recent work: Successfully prosecuted an arms dealer arranging the export of a multimillion-pound shipment of munitions from North Korea to Azerbaijan, in breach of the 2008 export control order.

David Reid
Has extensive experience across the full breadth of serious crime work. His caseload regularly includes cases relating to homicides, serious sexual offences and GBH.
Expertise: "He has a great presence in court." "He grasps the technical aspects of the case very quickly."
Recent work: Successfully prosecuted in a multimillion-pound Ponzi fraud and throughout the subsequent confiscation proceedings.

Tom Horder
Covers the full range of criminal offences, and is best recognised for his expertise in regulatory criminal cases. He receives regular instructions from local authorities, government bodies and insurers in relation to cases concerning health and safety, trading standards, environmental, aviation and maritime issues.
Expertise: "His advocacy is very good and he impresses with his knowledge of legislation and case law in niche areas."
Recent work: He defended a hospital doctor accused of sexual assault.

Chambers & Partners UK: Crime - Western Circuit – Band 1 set

3PB has offices in Bournemouth, Bristol and Winchester, ensuring a strong presence throughout the Western Circuit. Its crime team impresses sources through the depth and breadth of quality evident in its members. The barristers here are not simply expert advocates, but also “good all-rounders” with outstanding advisory abilities and client care skills. The forward-thinking approach of the set is evidenced by its ability to embrace new technologies to increase efficiency. Its barristers prosecute and defend in all serious criminal matters including serious sexual cases, drug conspiracies, Proceeds of Crime Act matters and fraud.

Client service: “Whether the client is vulnerable or confident, shy or difficult, they always have the capacity and the compassion to deal with them - even when the client is at their most challenging.” “The rapport with all of the clerks is excellent and they are very obliging, helpful, charming and knowledgeable. If they say they will do something – they do it.”
Chambers & Partners UK Bar Guide 2014

Legal 500 Bar Directory – Rankings For 2014 Recommendations and Quotes


3PB is a ‘great set of chambers' that is ‘very responsive to clients’ needs' and provides barristers that are ‘straightforward, practical and good value for money'’

Sheena Cassidy - 3PB ‘A fantastic, astute barrister with an eye for the detail and a great approach to clients.’

Ranked as a leading set Tier 2 in the Western Circuit

3PB is rated as a ‘premier division' set for crime. It has particular expertise in POCA cases. Other areas of expertise include corporate manslaughter and heavyweight fraud.

Nigel Lickley QC - 3PB ‘Extremely forceful and convincing.’

Timothy Bradbury - 3PB ‘One of his strong suits is his prosecution work for HMRC in tax fraud cases.’
Adam Feest - 3PB ‘Recommended for cases regarding ill treatment and neglect of vulnerable adults.’
Robert Grey - 3PB ‘Experienced in sex, drugs and fraud cases.’
Tom Horder - 3PB ‘Particularly highly regarded for his ability to handle the most serious and complex cases.’
Richard Onslow - 3PB ‘Always well prepared, and deals with pre-trial matters promptly.’
David Reid - 3PB ‘Experienced in a range of serious cases, including sexual offences, murder, fraud and money laundering.’
Nick Robinson - 3PB ‘He specialises in sexual offence cases, particularly those involving children and historical allegations of misconduct.’
Nicholas Rowland - 3PB ‘A tenacious and effective advocate.’

Deputy head chambers director (and Crime Practice Director) Stuart Pringle is recommended by the Legal 500 UK Bar Directory 2014 as being  ‘efficient and on the ball'

Recommended by the Legal 500 Directory 2013/14 for its expertise at London Bar: "Ranked as a leading chambers in Crime"

Recommended by the Legal 500 Directory 2013/14 for its expertise in Western Circuit: "3PB has a large regional presence. Nigel Lickley QC, Christopher Parker QC and Robert Grey attract praise, as does Tom Horder, who is ‘very good at explaining procedure and tactics to clients’. Nick Robinson is ‘a very confident and knowledgeable advocate’, and Timothy Bradbury is ‘highly regarded by the judiciary’. Richard Onslow, David Reid, Adam Feest and Nicholas Rowland also stand out."

Criminal law has been practised uninterrupted at 3 Paper Buildings for more than 100 years and our Criminal Group rightly enjoys a formidable reputation. Consisting of nine silks and thirty-five juniors we offer an unrivalled strength in depth in all areas of criminal law.

Our members have prosecuted and defended in some of the most infamous and important criminal trials of recent years.

Examples include:

  • R v Vincent Tabak - Murder of Joanna Yeates. Nigel Lickley, Q.C. led Nicholas Rowland in the prosecution of Vincent Tabak for the murder of Joanna Yeates at Bristol Crown Court.
  • R v Wright (aka the Milkman) - the defendant was said to be the head of one of the largest and most sophisticated organisations ever to be involved in the large scale importation of cocaine into the UK.
  • R v Clark - the first prosecution brought for solicitation to murder over the internet.
  • R v Sharon Carr - a sixteen year old girl convicted of murdering and mutilating in macabre fashion, when only twelve.
  • R v Rathmalane - the murder of one Buddhist monk by another, referred to in the national press as "the body in the suitcase” trial.

We are rightly regarded as one of the leading sets in the field of Proceeds of Crime and in recent years have developed a particular strength in corporate manslaughter and heavyweight fraud. Many of our Criminal Group members also have expertise in regulatory work involving matters as diverse as fisheries, animal welfare, health and safety, Jockey Club disciplinary hearings and proceedings before the General Medical Council.

Our Criminal Group includes no less than nineteen members who sit as recorders, eight category 4 prosecutors and three standing counsel to HMRC. Our group size and geographical reach allows us to offer a comprehensive service from first appearance in the magistrates’ court through to appeal hearings in the Court of Appeal, House of Lords and the European Court. Our members are on hand to advise both at short notice and out of hours and often do so at the very earliest stage of criminal proceedings for both prosecution and defence. We have first-rate conference facilities available at our centres in London, Bristol, Bournemouth, Oxford and Winchester. Equipped with modern conferencing technology we are able to link to anywhere in the world.

We are accredited by the Law Society to offer Continuing Professional Development courses and our Criminal Group provides an annual series of lectures across the country.