Recent Cases

LATEST NEWS - 3PB Chambers Criminal Team adopt "No Returns" decision in relation to all legal aid defence hearings in the Crown Court.

30th July 2015

Individual members of the 3PB Chambers Criminal Team have taken a decision that they will adopt "No Returns" in relation to all legal aid defence ... read more

Recent Cases

R v Alcantara
Representation of a Brazilian ‘flasher’ who was acquitted on a technical mens rea defence.

R v Blake [2011] Cardiff Crown Court.
Represented defendant charged in connection with very large scale cocaine distribution. Drugs arrived in Kent, processed in Dorset and distributed from Wales.

R v Brady [2005] 1 Cr App R 5 CA
Briefed on behalf of the defence. A leading case on protection against self-incrimination. Statements obtained under compulsory questioning can be passed from one law enforcement authority to another. It was held that the DTI or the official receiver could disclose material obtained under s235 Insolvency Act 1986 to the Inland Revenue without an order of the court or notice to the person who provided it.

R v Brand [2012] Winchester Crown Court.
Represented defendant charged with murder where much of the evidence was concerned with low-level DNA found on the victim’s clothing. Defendant was one of three brothers and alleged that one of his brothers was the murderer. DNA which could have come from all three was found on the clothing.

R v Carroll
Acted for a schizophrenic Defendant the Daily Mail dubbed ‘The Goldilocks Burglar’.

R v Chisanga
Acted for the Appellant in an appeal against sentence. The Court of Appeal quashed a life sentence for rape and replaced it with 10 years determinate.

R v Gaud
Represented a surgeon who upon discovering he had hepatitis deceived his employers by submitting patients blood as his when asked to give samples.

R v Gibbon & others
Junior in a 9 handed conspiracy to supply cocaine. The prosecution was brought following the recording of 150 hours of audio surveillance material. The evidence raised PII difficulties.

R v Graham
Acquittal of a self confessed stalker on a ‘reasonable in all circumstances’ defence.

R v Gray [2007]
Briefed for the defence in a murder trial at the Central Criminal Court. A case where much of the evidence was forensic in nature and the manner of putting the various pieces together would determine the outcome.

R v Jelley & Nunn
Junior in a £3 million ‘ponzi scheme’ conspiracy to defraud. The case involved over 30 Complainants who had been coaxed into investing in an illegal property venture.

R v Lammali [2011] Bournemouth Crown Court.
Acted for defendant charged with conspiracy to rob. Gang robbed isolated farmhouse looking for cash. Found cash but also a large number of firearms which were taken, some of which were sold to the underworld.

R v Legister [2011] Central Criminal Court.
Briefed on behalf of defendant charged with murder (Operation Trident). Crown’s case was that she was guilty of the offence by reason of her knowledge that a murder was to be committed and her offer to allow the perpetrators to park the firearm at her premises immediately after its commission. Acquitted.

R v Lloyd
Defence of a teenager charged with sexually assaulting 2 minors aged 8 and 9. The case involved cross examination of 4 children under the age of 10.

R v McAndrew-Bingham [1999] 2 Cr. App. R.293 -
the admissibility of video evidence of chief in child abduction cases

Briefed by the HSE to prosecute offences concerning a death of an employee in an electricity sub-station.

R v Mirzayari & others [2006]
Briefed for the defence in a large cocaine conspiracy centred in Dorset.

R v Ndidi & others
Junior in a 2 month 5 handed kidnap, rape and conspiracy to supply Class A drugs trial.

R v Robinson [2000] 5 Archbold News 2 CA -
withdrawal from joint enterprise

R v Royal Ordnance and Manson
Briefed by the HSE to prosecute offences concerning an explosion in an ordnance factory.

R v Sneath & others [2005] -
Briefed for the defence in a conspiracy to import large quantities of cocaine from South America. The cocaine had been turned into a liquid which was then allowed to soak into elaborate wooden doors. A chemical process was then utilised to return the cocaine to powder upon arrival in the UK.

R v Tabak
Bristol. Murder. Prosecution junior. Four week trial.

R v Tattum [2010] Winchester Crown Court.
Led junior in a very complicated “shaken baby” case. Considerable attention from both sides was focused on the triad of injuries that have long been regarded as diagnostic or highly suggestive of non-accidental injury.

Samuel Robie v The Queen
Junior for the Appellant in an appeal against conviction to the Privy Council. The Appellant had been convicted of murder in Jamaica and sentenced to 15 years hard labour.